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  Pulse Efficient, integrated and cost-effective software solutions are critical to the operation of any healthcare establishment today. Try our PULSE and feel it yourself.

Pulse is a complete set of modular software applications that not only gives doctors and nurses access to essential patient information but also in corporate complete hospital management tools.

It enables electronic exchange of information between various departments within the hospital as well as outside agencies like insurance companies. It helps health care managers handle administrative duties better and facilitates easy interaction between the hospital and its patients.


  Registration System  
  Registration is the first point of actual transaction between a patient and a hospital.

Our Registration System creates a grid that enables information pertaining to all subsequent services to be collated into an integrated record.

  Key Features  
  • Unique Patient ID Number for each patient.
  • One-point capture of all patient details
  • Tracking of multiple visits.

  registration -- screen shot -

  Out Patient Management System

  The PULSE Outpatients Module aims to maximize patient throughout and ensures efficient handling by tracking every step from appointment booking to clinic sessions to drugs dispensation to final billing.

  Key Features  
  • Scheduling appointments

  • Segregation according to doctors / departments

  • Doctor's consultation & investigation orders to labs Outpatient billing

  out patient management system -- screen shot -

  Ward Patient Management System

  Care of ward patients involves the widest range of resources available in a hospital. The PULSE Ward Patients Management System tracks every service to a patient from the time of admission to the point of final billing and discharge.  
  Key Features  
  • Allocation of wards and beds

  • Consultant's visit details

  • Diagnostic tests, treatment & drugs prescribed and administered

  • Surgical procedures

  ward patient management system -- screen shot -

  Diagnostic Lab Management system  
  Routine treatment as well as surgical procedures are heavily dependent on correct diagnostic reports. The PULSE Diagnostic Lab Management System enables error-free diagnostic record to be accessed easily by consulting doctors, operating surgeons and other departments.  
  Key Features  
  • Customizable investigation set & reports

  • Packages for multiple investigations

  • Facility for procedures

  • Incentive computation for eligible consultants

  • Integration of Lab bills with Outpatient and
    Ward Patient bills

  diagnostic lab management system-- screen shot -  
  Operating Theatre management System  
  The PULSE Operating Management System is a fast & accurate system for scheduling and conducting surgical procedures with an objective of maximizing utilizationof Theatres.Facilities for relevant report generation relieve theatre staff of time-consuming paperwork.  
  Key Features  
  • Support for multiple theatres, sessions and surgeons
  • Operating Theatre Schedules
  • Generation of Theatre Register using actual details entered after the procedure
  • One-point entry automatically triggers relevant bill entries

  opereration theatre management system-- screen shot -

  Patient Billing System  
  At the heart of the patient Transaction System is the billing module. All financial transactions are captured in this module from all services availed by the patient. Elaborate set-up facility allows one to configure the module to include
different rates.
  Key Features  
  • Facility to enter and correct entries of all services at one point
  • Takes into account patient eligibility for various services depending on category, insurance,requirements, etc.
  • Direct link to financial Accounts module
  • Tracking of commissions & discounts Tracking of corporate patients

  patient billing system-- screen shot -

  Inventory Management System  
  The PULSE Inventory Management System deals with all item purchased by and stored in different stores run by hospital.  
  Key Features  
  • Support for multiple stores
  • Creation of Purchase Ordwer
  • Goods received note
  • Issues and transfer of material
  • Purchase and sales returns
  • Batch number and expiry reference for relevant items
  • Can handle independent drug stores

  inventory management system-- screen shot -  
  Financial Management System  
  The PULSE Financial Management System covers all areas of accounting procedures in a hospital environment.

  Key Features  
  • General Ledger and Account Payble
  • Customized report format
  • User-defined on-line inquiry options
  • Assets register with details of fixed assets

  financial management system-- screen shot -  
  Medical Records  
  PULSE offers hoszpital administrators easy and convenient access to all relevant data pertaining to a patient in the form of Medical Record.The record can be used both for archival purpose as well as MIS reporting. The information captured include bed details,consultation records, diagnosis results, treatment, procedures and drugs administered.  
  Key Features  
  • Diagnosis according to ICD codes
  • Multiple procedures through ICP codes
  • Procedure report segregated by consultants
  • Important drugs administered for a disease

  Security Features  
  PULSE incorporates elaborate security features built around user assigned passwords.

All reports, bills and receipts can be tracked by the person creating a document, ensuring accountability.

  Integrated Solutions  
  The various modules of PULSE can be used together to build comprehensive patient medical and administrative records from the initial point of contact till the final discharge. Because of its modular nature, PULSE can be implemented in totality or in parts as the need may be.

The applications can be further customized to meet the specific requirements of any healthcare establishment.
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